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Papua New Guinea Kunjin

Coffee cultivation in Papa New Guinea, or PNG as it is often abbreviated, started in the 1920’s. The coffee seeds where imported from Jamaica’s renowned Blue Mountain.

PNG is a very diverse and interesting country with Western influence and indigenous traditions.

This coffee is grown in Waghi Valley in the Western Highlands of PNG near Mt Hagen. Coffee from this region is known for its full-bodied, sweetness and complex flavors.

Coffee The Way You Like It

Since 1887, our family has been immersed in the world of coffee, crafting that one perfect cup.

Our heritage has developed over four generations building a family who lives and breathes the very essence of what great coffee can -- and should -- be about.

Now we invite you to be part of the world we both love.

Cupping Notes

Full bodied, mellow aroma, sweet and savory fruit flavor with hints of chocolate, caramel and sugar, followed by a thick syrupy mouthfeel.

Roasted in small batches to ensure consistency.

All our Coffees will have a Roasted Date and Roasted By.

Only Top Quality Arabica Beans.

Altitude: 1800 Meters above Sea Level

Process: Fully Washed

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