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Redefining Safety

One Flip at a Time

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Designed by a pilot.

For all pilots.

Safety should be the #1 concern of all pilots.  Whether you are a student pilot with 10 hours, or a professional pilot with 10,000 hours, incorporating this checklist box into your cockpit will increase your level of safety by keeping your eyes up and outside of the plane, where they need to be.

Missionary Bush Pilot Flip Checklist box
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Safety redefined.

Simple, yet Profound.

Checklists have proven time and time again that they dramatically raise effectiveness and reduce errors.  Checklists provide a cognitive net, catching all the mental flaws that are inherent to all pilots.

Perfect for Single 

Pilot Operations.

This aviation checklist includes the items that are the most crucial and frequently overlooked during the most critical portions of flight. 

 No one person can effectively remember everything, now you don't have to.

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